2016 Macbook Pro rumors and predictions

Apple always said the 12" Macbook is the "future of the notebook". So it's clear that the new Pro`s will look like bigger brothers of the 12". The thing I like the most of the 12" is the color! Space grey on a Macbook looks awesome! It's darker than the normal aluminum unibody. They should just add more than one USB-C port...


zfs as local vm storage for vmware fusion on osx

I first used boot2docker as docker platform for Mac OS X. With Boot2docker it's hard to customize stuff, because it's not build for that purpose. Once I tried to put a desktop app into a docker container with 3D hardware support. The 3D performence was really bad... VirtualBox isn't the best virtualization platform for this. When using boot2docker with Virtualbox I always thought this should/could perform a bit faster.


playing around with zfs ashift

For my next linux servers I’m exploring zfs as storage option. There is some stuff on zfs which you need to decide on zpool creation. This can’t be changed later without destroying your data. The block size of the filesystem is one of these. In zfs this is named ashift. With this property you can balance the space which very small files take and the MB/s you get when reading very big files.


file sharing in docker

After the honeymoon phase with docker is over, you find some pitfalls with docker on osx. Most pitfalls only matter for local development, so everything is fine on the linux server (Why don't I have linux as my desktop os?). The virtual box file sharing is really slow! Your django app doesn't starts anymore within the blink of an eye. It's takes like 5-10sec now. I tried out multiple things for the file sharing problem.


tweaking docker on osx

I mostly do programming in python and javascript (playing a bit with go). Before docker I used local python virtualenv environments and vagrant for more complex projects. For a project which needs multiple servers for testing, docker seemed an ideal candidate. I didn't want to run multiple vagrant servers simultaneously on my laptop. The next os x update was on its way, so I needed to reinstall my macports installation anyway, or try docker and replace everything with it.